AGEDI expands its reach to India: A milestone in global copyright management

AGEDI (Asociación de Gestión de Derechos Intelectuales) has signed a bilateral reciprocal royalty payments agreement with Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL-India), taking its first step in expanding into Asian territories. This agreement not only represents a significant achievement for AGEDI, but also opens up new opportunities for music producers and publishers in Spain and India.

Recognized for its commitment to the management of intellectual property rights, with this alliance AGEDI incorporates for the first time an Asian territory in its management portfolio: India.

The bilateral agreement between AGEDI and PPL-India focuses on the management of intellectual property rights of music producers and/or music video publishers, covering key rights such as public communication of phonograms and music videos, reproduction for public communication, and fair compensation for private copying. This directly benefits music video producers and publishers by ensuring a fair distribution of revenues generated by the use of their works in both countries.

One of the most outstanding features of the agreement is the implementation of a reciprocal rights collection system between Spain and India. In other words, if a recording managed by AGEDI plays in India, PPL India will collect the corresponding royalties and send them to AGEDI for distribution. Similarly, rights generated in Spain from the use of Indian recordings will be distributed to their owners through PPL-India. This symmetry in the collection and distribution of royalties ensures a steady flow of revenue for music creators in both countries.

The impact of this agreement goes beyond AGEDI and PPL-India. As an adhering partner, companies such as Republic Network now have the ability to manage the collection of neighboring rights for phonograms and music videos from international producers in India. Neighboring rights protect performers by giving them control over the communication to the public of their unfixed performances. This expansion of rights management not only strengthens the protection of artists, but also opens up new commercial opportunities in the Indian market for international music producers.

The agreement between AGEDI and PPL-India represents a significant milestone in global copyright management in the music industry. By expanding its reach into India, AGEDI not only promotes the protection of music creators’ rights, but also fosters closer collaboration between different regions of the world.