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About Republic Network

01. What is Republic Network?

We are the technological solution for the music and entertainment industry. We empower the catalog of record labels, distributors, authors, content creators and independent artists.

02. Who are Republic Network's clients?

We work with content creators, record labels, distributors and independent artists. Our technology can be leveraged by any person or company in the music and entertainment industry. If you have any doubts about whether your profile would fit with us, you can contact us through this form.

03. Where is Republic Network active?

Our team is present in Spain, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Estonia and APAC region. However, we can offer our services outside these areas.

04. What services does Republic Network offer?

Working with us

01. How can I get Republic Network's services?
You can contact us through this form, specifying your needs and doubts. As soon as we receive it, we will analyze your case and get in touch with you.
02. How can I schedule an appointment to speak with someone from the Republic Network team?
To schedule an appointment with a member of the Republic Network team send an email to inquiries@republicnetwork.es or contact us through our contact form.
03. How do I request an audit of my catalog?
You can request an audit by filling out this form.
04. Can Republic Network manage my YouTube channel even if I have a deal with a record label or other company?

Yes, Republic Network can manage your YouTube channel.


Usually the contracts with record labels are for distribution and affect YouTube assets, in particular the sound recording assets.


From our Multi-Channel Network we can manage the songwriting assets associated with the publishing and video assets, since they are independent from the sound recording assets.

05. I already have songs registered with a PRO (Performance Rights Organization). Can I use the services of Republic Network for new songs?

Yes, we can submit the works you assign to us and collect the songwriting royalties that you wish and that are associated with the indicated service.

To learn more about our services, click on the following links:

06. Not all of my royalties are being collected by the company I work with. Can I collect them with Republic Network while keeping my agreement with them?

Yes, you can work with us specifically on royalties that are not being collected by the company you work with.

07. What difference does it make whether Republic Network is my publisher or separately collects royalties from my compositions?
If you select one of Republic Network’s royalty collection services, you will only receive the remuneration collected from those royalties. This allows you to work other types of royalties and services with a third party company. If you choose Republic Network as your global publisher, you agree to work all your material with us. We offer you the collection of all royalties from your works, litigation resolution services and multiple business opportunities. Want to know more about this? Contact us!
08. If I am a Republic Network client and my composition conflicts with another publisher, will you help me resolve it?

Yes, working with us will be of great help to you. We have a specialized conflict resolution team with strong connections to the music and entertainment industry, which allows us to address any type of ownership conflict.

09. I am part of a record label, can Republic Network manage my YouTube channel?

Yes, Republic Network currently manages channels for artists that are under independent labels and majors. Although it is common that the management of your YouTube channel does not fall under the agreement with the label, we should check what kind of contract you signed with them.

10. Can we include songs in official playlists?

Yes, our Content Management team is in charge of the pitching process so that your music can access official YouTube Music playlists.


In addition, at Republic Network we have our own YouTube playlists to increase the visibility of your works.

Payments and collections

01. When does my first royalty payment arrive?
  • Distribution royalties: three months after contracting.
  • YouTube royalties: one month after contracting.
  • Publishing royalties: depending on the PRO and MRO of each country.
02. Can Republic Network collect my royalties if they are managed by another company?

Republic Network will not be able to collect your royalties if you are still under contract with a publisher or record label, as they are the ones who must manage your copyrights.


All the works you submit to us for royalty collection must be free of any other representations.

03. How will Republic Network send my royalty payments?

The payment of your royalties is sent via bank transfer.


In addition, before receiving each payment we will send you complete reports about the royalties we have collected from your works.

04. The video of my composition has millions of views on YouTube. How much money will I receive?

 The amount of money a video generates depends on several factors, not only on the number of views. The origin of the views, the time at which each view takes place or whether the video is monetized are just some of the elements that directly influence the amount of revenue it generates.

05. My song is included in a YouTube video that was released years ago and I have never received the revenue for the composition. Have I lost that money?
Not necessarily, as we can claim retroactive royalties on YouTube. To find out if this is possible, we need to do an audit. To request one, please contact us and send all your case information to inquiries@republicnetwork.es.
06. I am a Republic Network client and my banking information has changed, how do I notify Republic Network about this change?

To communicate any changes in your banking information, please contact with our accounting department writing to accounting@republicnetwork.es. Thank you very much.

07. We are a television station and audiovisual production company and we broadcast our content only in one territory. Can Republic Network collect YouTube royalties generated in that territory?
Yes, we can claim your royalties globally, in one or several selected territories. Just contact us through this form.

What you need to know

01. What is a MRO?

A Mechanical Rights Organization (MRO) collects mechanical royalties. The “mechanical” right is the right to reproduce a piece of music on CD, DVD, tape or digital.

02. What is a PRO?

 A Performance Rights Organization (PRO) is a performance rights society. These societies collect performance royalties* among copyright holders. In addition, a PRO manages their use in conjunction with parties who wish to use such works publicly in venues such as supermarkets or restaurants.


* When a work is performed or reproduced publicly. 

03. What is a synchronization?
It happens when copyrighted music is played on the soundtrack of a movie, show, television program or video game. This reproduction is called “synchronization”. The license necessary for the interested parties to include the work in the audiovisual is the synchronization license. This license is obtained through a direct negotiation between the company that holds the publishing rights of the work and those who wish to use it as part of a soundtrack. Want to know more about synchronization? Visit our blog!
04. What is a DSP?
DSPs, better known as music streaming services, are digital music stores that feature artists’ albums and singles. The main DSPs are: Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, among others. Want to know which are all the DSPs we deliver content to? Send an email to  inquiries@republicnetwork.es
05. What are YouTube retroactive royalties?

 Retroactive royalties are unallocated royalties that are waiting to be paid to the copyright owners. This happens when songs are not properly registered or the songwriter’s contact information is not available.


These royalties generally remain with the collecting society for a period of time, which varies by society, until they enter the black box.


We have an agreement directly with YouTube and the National Publishers’ Association (NMPA) to collect accumulated YouTube royalties from the musical compositions we manage

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