By joining our YouTube Network, your channel and content will be protected and optimized so you improve your YouTube monetization from your videos and the use of your works

YouTube Channel Management

YouTube Content Management

protection on YouTube


YouTube Channel Management
With our YouTube CMS we improve the
monetization of your channel using
Content ID technology to ensure full
control over your works
YouTube Content Management

Position your videos on YouTube and reach more fans with both official and owned playlists. Catch up with YouTube trends and merge your channels, including VEVO, into a single Official Artist Channel.

One of the most resolute
companies on YouTube

Dispute rate < 1%

We resolve ownership conflicts between entities and Content ID claims generated between users and rights owners in the minimum period of time to keep YouTube monetization flowing

How do we resolve an ownership conflict?

We determine the type of conflict, why it has occurred and who is claiming the content

We perform an
audit of your catalog

We verify the necessary information with you

We contact the conflicting entity and present the documentation.

Conflict resolved!

YouTube Publishing

Are you an author?

If you are an author, with our YouTube Publishing CMS we collect the mechanical
royalties of your works in the United States and its associated states, providing YouTube with the assets for the compositions share

Through the YouTube Publishing CMS and our technology we:

Retroactive YouTube
royalties collection

Problems with unallocated royalties?

Our partnership with YouTube and the National Music Publisher’s Association (NMPA) allows us to collect retroactive royalties from the compositions we manage in order to be paid to copyright owners.

What are you waiting for to collect your retroactive royalties?

Reciprocity between Management
Organizations and YouTube

Republic Network is able to carry out the reciprocity between the different Collecting Societies
and the YouTube platform in the territory of the USA and its associated states.

Sociedades de recipricidad Publishing Republic Network