Republic Network: 2022 recap and expectations for 2023

2022 has been a successful year for the company. Challenges have been faced satisfactorily and significant goals have also been set on Republic Network’s roadmap for 2023.

Our 2022

Republic Network remains as a young and constantly evolving company. We have had a particularly good year for catalog growth in 2022 due to our operations in Spain, the Dominican Republic and Colombia and catalog acquisitions in regions such as the United States, New Zealand and Africa.

Agreements have been signed with companies such as Discos Lollipop (Spain), Precise Digital or Dinastía INC, which manages and administers more than 3 million songs and is also the first digital aggregator in Colombia.

We also highlight the incorporation of top-level content creators such as Mikecrack, who has more than 36 million subscribers and is one of the leading youtubers in Spain.

Republic Network's family keeps growing

Our human team has also grown exponentially. New departments have been created and existing ones have been consolidated.

We are now more than twice we were at the beginning of the year, closing 2022 with a total of 35 members on board. We have created new departments such as Products & Projects Department and integrated others in house such as the Communication and Digital Marketing Department.

The strengthening of the YouTube, Publishing and Conflicts Resolution departments, as well as the consolidation of our regional departments in Iberia, Colombia/Andean Region and the Dominican Republic/Caribbean, are worth emphasizing.

Awards and licenses

It has been an honor to accompany and support Baby MC and B-One, songwriter and producer of the song Loco performed by Justin Quiles, Chimbala and Zion & Lennox, which was awarded by ASCAP as one of the Most Performed Songs of the year. Today Loco has more than 580 million plays just between YouTube and Spotify.

In addition, we have provided multiple synchronization licenses for the use of music works in audiovisual formats, among which we would like to mention:

Numbers on the rise

In terms of economic performance, we are in luck. Republic Network’s growth has not only been stable, but has accelerated exponentially.. While in 2021 we collected more than USD 785K, we are proud to communicate that by the end of 2022 we have surpassed the barrier of more than USD 5M paid to clients.

This would not be possible without the dedicated efforts of our entire team, which is reflected in the growth of our catalog. On YouTube, we closed the year with more than 520 channels linked to our Content Manager (66% more than in 2021) and 128,000 Video and Sound Recording assets claimed.

Total views on our CMS in 2022 are a staggering 12.1 billion (a 142% increase over 2021). There was also a 60% growth in watch time, with more than 567 million hours of video watched by users.

Our publishing catalog currently totals more than 150,000 musical works, of which around 1,700 are owned and the remainder are managed.

Growth expectations

Our challenges for 2023 are to continue working and supporting the Republic Network’s family as we have done so far, to strengthen the relationships we have forged during this time and to welcome new ones.

Therefore, in addition to continuing to grow the catalog in the current territories where we operate, our goal for 2023 is to open operations in Brazil and New Zealand.

Pursuing this growth dynamic will be a process that will require the best of ourselves, something that is implicit in Republic Network’s DNA and that the results of 2023 will surely reflect.