“Santos”, the single that joins El Fother and Rob $tone

Both El Fother and Rob $tone are considered to be two of the most influential urban artists of the moment. It is not surprising therefore that for some time there was a demand in the industry that longed to see them working together. Republic Network detected this need and was able to solve it, creating and financing a collaborative project. And thus, the single “Santos” was born.

El Fother is one of the main faces and a fundamental pillar of the Dominican urban scene. The Santo Domingo artist is a true all-rounder in music, be it in dembow, hip hop or trap rhythms.

On his side, Rob $tone is one of the West Coast’s most acclaimed rap artists. From San Diego, his songs combine freshness and tributes to his powerful Californian influences at the same time. A mix that makes him a true hitmaker.

It may be that both artists are separated by language and a different culture, but there is something much more important that unites them: their lifestyles. The street is both of the artists’ natural environment and they show it in “Santos“. A song produced by Richie Louie and Young Purpp in which there are no double readings or subtleties; a track as raw, honest and direct as its authors. In other words, the perfect combination of El Fother and Rob $tone’s styles.

Besides, the video clip deserves a special mention. It was recorded in La 42 de Capotillo, one of the most conflictive neighborhoods in Santo Domingo.

If you want to watch the video, you can do so here. And if you want to listen to the single, it has been available on all digital platforms since June 18th.