Why the Spanish Music Academy is important

The year 2024 has begun with very good news for the cultural sector, especially for music. Although the Spanish Music Academy had been in the making for a long time, it was last January 24 when it became a reality.

ACAMUS is a free, independent and democratic association. Its objective is the unity within the Music Industry, the search and achievement of common objectives that are beneficial to all, taking special care of the professionals that form it, creating general and fundamental conditions that protect and represent the collective.

It is open to professionals from all fields: publishers, authors, promoters, producers, artists, technicians… All those who work in the world of music, whether in the recorded music or live performance sector.

In addition, they announce that a music awards will be held in May, the ‘Goya’s’ of music, which will take place in Madrid.

Learn more about the Spanish Music Academy and join this future that is already a reality.