YouTube Shorts: best practices for artists and labels

A few weeks ago we reported on the birth of YouTube Shorts, you can visit the blog post get more information about Shorts. Throughout the article we delve into the reasons why this platform is very attractive for content creators. From its simple and intuitive operation to its monetisation possibilities. Today we pick up where we left off to explore the benefits of its application in new music release strategies

YouTube Shorts: what is it? 

Before we dive into launch strategies, we should review some basic concepts. YouTube Shorts are short vertical videos, with a maximum duration of one minute. It is therefore a simple, quick and very dynamic way of creating content. If these reasons have not convinced you to use this new platform, it might help to know that its player has more than 6.5 billion daily views worldwide. Audiences are consuming and demanding more and more short videos. Moreover, these short videos do not affect the performance of your regular YouTube videos, i.e. it is an additional way to create and reach new audiences.

Focusing exclusively on its use within the music industry, YouTube Shorts allows users to easily discover new artists. It also enables artists and fans to interact and develop a closer connection. And what interests us most today, it can help with release strategies

How can you incorporate YouTube Shorts?


Apply trial and error tactics. Create different types of content using your Audio Library music*. Can’t think of any? YouTube recommends everything from lip sync to choreography to any other type of challenge. You can also opt for instructional content: talk about your music, explain your creative process or give tips on how to play a complex song. Another possibility is to let fans take a look behind the scenes. By this we mean content about recording sessions, backstage or tour trips. Use your imagination. 

*Audio Library: to access it you must click on “add music” inside the YouTube Shorts camera. Once inside, search for your music, choose the part you prefer, add and adjust it. Although YouTube is constantly working on updates, it is possible that your song is not available. In that case you should contact your YouTube Strategic Manager. 

Interact with fans: 

Visit Sound Page* and check out what kind of shorts are being created with your music. Don’t hesitate to mention your favourite creations, share them on your community page and thank the creators. Challenges are perfect in this sense because on the one hand they are an excellent promotional strategy and on the other hand, they connect you with your audience. Encourage your fans to use your music and post shorts around a specific hashtag. This will make more and more fans want to join in. 

*Sound Page: Click on the button at the bottom right to access the page. Here you will find all the shorts creations that use your songs. This page also redirects visitors to your official music video. 

How can you apply YouTube Short to your release strategy? 

Let’s now look at some concrete ideas that you can apply to your new release strategies from now on. 


-Use shorts as a creative platform and not just a space to launch promotions. 

Announce your upcoming release: share a live performance of the unreleased track; showcase content from the creation process; and use specific hashtags that are relevant to you and your music. 

Connect with the audience: use behind-the-scenes content, from recording sessions to road trips. You can also share personal stories, the context of creation, motivation, inspiration. Don’t forget to respond to comments and ask your fans questions.


Encourage fans to create their own shorts using your music. Use the Sound Page to do this, find out which shorts are the most popular and remember to thank and share them. 

Use the data provided by YouTube Shorts to measure the performance of your content. From the number of likes and views to the average duration of viewing. This way you can make better decisions for future strategies. 

Don’t abandon YouTube Shorts until the next release. Keep posting shorts with your music and interacting with your fans.