5 reasons why you need good photos

It may seem a truism to say that having good photographs when you are part of the music and entertainment industry is essential. However, the truth is that there are many examples that lead us to think that perhaps it is not as obvious and evident as we think. In fact, it is probably one of the mistakes most artists and creators of various kinds make. Veterans and newcomers, none are immune to this very important task in the sector. That’s why today we wanted to dedicate this blog post to the 5 reasons why you need good photos. 

1. Brand image:

Your music and/or your content are half of your cover letter; the other important part is good pictures. When we talk about good photographs, we are not referring to the physique of the subject, but to the quality of the photographs and the attention to detail. For example, there are many artists who hide their identities behind masks or helmets and this doesn’t prevent them from taking impressive portraits. The idea is not to use as many filters as possible in pursuit of an ideal, but that your photograph represents who you are as an artist

2. Professionalism:

Dedicating some of your time and effort to getting good photos shows that you are interested in all facets of your career. Again, a clarification is necessary. Good photography does not mean that it has to be serious, stiff or conform to certain standards. It is not about replicating your graduation or presenting yourself as a tortured artist. A sense of humour, innovation and breaking the ice are always welcome. The only rule that should guide you in your approach to getting good photographs is that they should reflect your artistic approach

3. A differentiating element:

This motif works both inwards and outwards. What exactly do we mean by this? We say inwards because good photos are able to represent your maturity over time. You are not the same person in your twenties as you were in your thirties, just as you are not the same person at the beginning of your career as you are at the halfway point. People change: your family albums are a good example of this. And yes, this means that getting good photographs will be a task that will be repeated over time. You may be lazy now, but we assure you that you will be the first to want to renew them. And we say outwardly because photographs and their endless possibilities are one more opportunity that will allow you to stand out from your competitors

4. Versatility:

Throughout your career you experience different stages, which may follow one another in time or may overlap. Sometimes they are small variations on the same artistic line, and at other times they can be completely different and independent projects. Whatever your particular situation, photographs are a simple and efficient way to make these subtle (or not so subtle) differences evident.

5. Relationship with professionals in the sector:

When a media outlet, promoter or community manager wants to look for information about you, they will most likely search online. And the information that appears there, both your biography and your photographs, will be the ones that will possibly be used. Don’t be the artist who gets left out of every press release because they don’t have good photos available. Or the artist who only has one and repeats it every time as if it were the portrait of Dorian Gray.