Protecting the kids’ content: CantaJuego teams up with Republic Network

Content created for children is a fundamental pillar of YouTube and the main reason why the educational-musical project CantaJuego joins forces with the technology company Republic Network.

CantaJuego aims to use music and dance to help children under 7 years old in psychomotor development, as well as stimulating their senses and improving their social skills through audio visual content.

By combining music, entertainment and learning, CantaJuego began in 2004 performing versions of popular children’s songs, in addition to their own original compositions, offering a physical product at that time (DVDs and CDs).

cantajuego signs a partnership with Republic Network

Nowadays, they are children’s music referents in countries such as Spain, Italy, Argentina and Mexico. CantaJuego’s success on YouTube is also an irrefutable proof of their position as leaders in the industry, with videos accumulating hundreds of millions of views.

Republic Network joins this project providing all its experience in channel and content management on YouTube, protecting and optimizing new videos and assets on Google’s audiovisual platform.

Besides, through the support of our human and technological team, CantaJuego will have distribution on all the streaming platforms of the market and strategic support in the digital marketing area, taking the reach of the content to another level.

In conclusion, an agreement designed so that the youngest members of the family can enjoy the songs they have always played whenever and wherever they want in a safe way.