Google Ads, how and what are they used for?

Online ads have become a constant in our digital lives. When you search for something on a search engine, no matter how or when you do it, you know that you have become the target of dozens of ads. So why not use this tool to your advantage? Read on to find out how Google Ads works and what you can do to get the most out of it.


What is Google Ads?

Google’s online advertising program is known as Google Ads. This system allows you to create your own ads to be shown on search, the Display network, Google Maps or YouTube. You are the one who selects where you want them to appear and who you want them to target. Although it is not a free service, it is also you who chooses the budget. And the truth is that the rate between cost and results can be incredibly beneficial if you use this tool well.


How does Google Ads work?

As you might imagine, the number of ads created for similar products is overwhelmingly high. In fact, showing them all is impossible. Therefore, every time someone searches on the Google engine or visits a web page that contains ads, an ultra-fast auction takes place.

Google is responsible for evaluating all the ads that participate in the auction. It first checks if they meet all the requirements and then gives them a score, that is, a position within the ranking. And it does so based on three main factors that are:

  • Bid: the maximum amount that the person creating the ad is willing to pay for each click obtained.

  • Quality: both the ad and the landing page(s). It also takes into account the relevance and usefulness of the ad with respect to the user’s search.

  • Expected impact of extensions and other ad formats: analyze the additional information you can add to your ad such as phone numbers or links.

In this way, Google Ads determines if the created ad will be shown to the potential audience, and if so, when it will be shown.


How to create a campaign in Google Ads?

The first thing you should establish is what your objective is and, based on that decision, choose the appropriate type of campaign. A campaign that seeks to sell is not the same as one that seeks to obtain web traffic. The second most important thing you should keep in mind is who your target audience is and know them in depth. This will allow you to make a better selection of locations or languages.

When you’re creating your ad, pay special attention to creatives, copy, and descriptions. Also remember what we have discussed in the previous point about extensions and do not leave aside the choice of the frequency that your ad will be displayed or its start and end date. And of course, set your budget and bid strategy. In addition, other issues that you should not lose sight of are the time you can dedicate to it or your global brand strategy.

Bonus Tip: half of Google searches are done on mobile. If your website is optimized for these devices, it will appear at the top of search results.


What type of Google Ads campaign to choose?

There are different types of Google Ads campaigns based on what the objective is. The most common are:

  • Search campaigns: these are the ads that are displayed on the Google search results network.

    Advantages: its configuration is the simplest of all, no special resources are needed, it only needs text.

  • Display campaigns: these are visual ads that are shown on the Display Network: millions of web pages, as well as applications and Google properties.

    : they are very attractive visually, so they quickly capture attention. On the one hand, they are easily remembered, and on the other, they are easily recognizable and associable with your brand. In addition, they include advanced machine learning solutions for segmentation, bidding or the choice of formats.

  • Video campaigns: these are the ads that are shown on YouTube and on Google’s video partners.

    : despite what it may seem at first glance, its configuration is relatively simple. In fact, you can use videos that are already hosted on your YouTube channel. In addition, this type is divided into several subtypes and formats depending on the objective, which allows you to be much more precise.

  • App campaigns: these are the ads that promote your application on the Google search network, Google Play, YouTube, the Display Network, AdMob, Google partners…

    Advantages: they easily capture the interest of your potential audience, their configuration is very simple and they allow you to develop a multi-channel marketing strategy.

What to do when a Google Ads campaign has been launched?

Once the campaign is running, check the results periodically. Google Ads provides you with data that allows you to measure the performance of your ads and therefore  know what the return on investment is. Do not hesitate to make changes and always try to improve the quality, budget and bids as much as possible. And you can always count on us, since one of the Republic Network‘s most successful services is Google Ads.