Leo RD visits Spain

Leonardo Yasmil, better known as Leo RD, is considered one of the most prominent urban music producers in the Dominican Republic, especially for the dembow rhythm, which he has become one of the great representatives of. He has not only managed to revitalize the genre, but along the way he has managed to create his own style. A dembow with a dry character that recovers the importance of its cultural roots. The successes that he has produced over almost a decade show the success of what he offers. Hits that number in the dozen and that have allowed him to work with the freshest and most innovative urban talents in the international scene.

The overwhelming success he has had with audiences and critics is what has pushed him to travel to Spain with Republic Network. A visit that included stops in Madrid and Barcelona, the two cities that act as the hubs of the Spanish music scene. In addition to being interviewed by some of the most important radio stations in the country, Leo RD was also the protagonist of a photo shoot. And this is not the end of his Iberian professional adventure. During his stay in the country, the producer had the opportunity to meet with artists such as Kidd Keo, Elilluminari and Danny Ocean who were absolutely amazed with the sound that Leo RD created for the track “Tukuntazo” by Tokischa with Haraca Kiko and El Cherry Scom

A journey whose fruits we will undoubtedly hear in the near future thanks to the momentum of Republic Network, a technology company with offices in Estonia, Spain, Dominican Republic and Colombia that helps all types of content creators to receive the full amounts that correspond to them for their work in the digital environment. To this service we must also add international publishing services, music distribution, synchronization licensing and sponsored advertising. All of which makes Republic Network the essential ally that creators need in the music and entertainment industry.