What’s going on in the music industry: 7 tendencies for 2023

With the beginning of the new year, the trends in the music industry that will mark this 2023 have already begun to be defined. Last year was a time of expansion for the music industry, something that seems to continue in this one we are starting.

If you’re part of the music world, it’s important to pay attention to the next moves to be made within the industry, so read on!

Trends in the Music Industry in 2023

Undoubtedly, we are at a stage in the music industry in which everything points to a prosperous 2023 for professionals in this sector. 

Even so, here we will give you the key aspects you should keep in mind to position yourself among the top positions and achieve success.

1. Concerts and festivals

After the years of uncertainty that have haunted us due to the pandemic, in 2023 we will finally see a new consolidation of the music industry.

One of the signs that this is happening are concerts and festivals. 2023 will be full of them, so we recommend you to find a gap in your schedule to organize some public presentations of your music.

Many artists are preparing world tours for 2023

Check it out, even Madonna has ridden the wave and unveiled a world tour for this year!

On the other hand, festivals are also getting their act together in this regard, confirming with foresight the artists that will attend, as well as promising important events that will help the sector to evolve further.

For example, the well-known Rolling Loud Portugal festival will host the entire US Hip-Hop industry this year – something to keep an eye on!

Póster para el Tour de Madonna 2023: The Celebration Tour 2023
Póster para festival Rolling Loud Portugal 2023

2. Vinyl records: an essential part of your release

Although many industry professionals were speculating about the definitive extinction of the vinyl records, the data has shown that it was in fact a resurrection.

This, in part, is because they have found a way to adapt this type of product to young people, making a vinyl record a collecting piece of work for their fans so good packaging is essential.

Another reason is that the demand for vinyl records last year was very strong, so in 2023 the factories are assured of a very profitable year.

As an artist, what you should keep in mind is that practically all of this year’s most outstanding releases already have their vinyl records ready.

Leading artists will present albums on vinyl format

Would you like to have some more advice on releases? Then stop by and take a look at these tips for your next music release.

One fact doesn’t hurt: Vinyl records sales that were made in 2021 were surpassed by 200% in 2022. Do you think they will continue to rise this year?

3. TikTok and its industry leadership

When in 2018 the tech company ByteDance introduced TikTok to the whole world, no one expected that it was going to become the app that would set the music trends the following years.

Already last year, many music professionals were watching this platform closely, as many predicted that it would change the structure of the industry as we know it today. 

Topping the list as the social network with the largest number of users, TikTok has become consumers’ favorite space for music discovery.

In the meantime, it has also become a showcase for old musicians and new talents to promote their creations through challenges and viral trends.

Record labels and distributors do not miss the opportunity either, as this platform is the new place to find emerging artists with enough potential to develop their music career.

If you want to learn more about how it works from a professional point of view, we recommend you to read our post about TikTok and its influence in the music industry.

4. Album or single?

The big question surrounding trends in 2023 within the music industry is between continuing to release albums or moving to singles.

Due to the great exposure we have to different entertainment products, our consumption is becoming more and more ephemeral as it is much easier to jump from one content to another.

Fans are looking for more immediate content, facilitated by the algorithms of the different streaming platforms, which is clearly changing the way we search for and listen to music.

As a result, many professionals are increasingly recommending the release of singles spaced out over time on a consistent schedule in order to maintain the interest of their fanbase and not use up their shot by releasing all the songs in album format. 

Our recommendation at this point is that you keep up to date with the movement of the industry, as it will be key to stand out among all the artists you can find on the Internet.

5. Genres are converging

Music genres crossovers are being one of the most popular music trends in 2023.

Best example is the album “Motomami” by Rosalía, and specifically, her song “CUUUUuuuuuute”.

Still, there is one genre that has set the tone for music this past year, and that has been urban and Spanish and Latin music.

Urban and Spanish and Latin music will continue to be a trend in 2023

With one album (Un Verano Sin Ti), Bad Bunny has been the most played artist globally in 2022, so now artists under the umbrella of urban music will have to keep the international eye on them.


6. Movies and shows soundtracks

It is becoming more and more common to use music from artists through synchronization licenses for new shows and movies that are released on streaming platforms.

Surely, watching a Netflix movie or show, you have stopped for a second to think: “whose song is this one?” and, before you realized it, you were discovering a new artist.

Streaming platforms are a no-ending factory of audiovisual content, so it’s a good idea to know how sync licenses work to have an impact in the music industry.

7. Artists independence

As you can imagine, this whole series of changes  leads to more independence for the artist.

Thanks to platforms like Twitch that allow subscriptions and donations, creators are exploring new ways to monetize their content within the digital music industry.

We recommend you to read these useful streaming tips to make your music grow on different platforms.

In short, the trends in the music industry in 2023 promise quite a few changes in the business. Do you think we will witness a new era in the sector?