Spotify pre-save campaigns, what are they and how to take advantage of them

Spotify pre-save campaigns are becoming increasingly important within the music industry. If you don’t know exactly what they consist of, why they are so interesting, or how you can create one, we encourage you to continue reading.


What are Spotify pre-save campaigns?

It is a free tool that allows you to promote your next release, album, single or collaboration, before it is published. Up to this point, you might think that there is nothing extraordinary about it, since there are many tools in the music industry market that have the same operation.

However, the most interesting thing about Spotify’s pre-save campaigns is that they allow users to save your release. The system, simplified, would be as follows: you carry out a pre-save campaign, your fans/followers save the release, and on release day they are the first to listen to it.

And why is this possibility so interesting? Remember how Spotify works. This streaming platform bases its behavior on the data it collects: how many people listen to your music, for how long and how often, as well as the number of downloads, saves, etc.

If hundreds or thousands of people listen to your release the same day it is published, this tells the algorithm that it is popular, relevant. Spotify will start to pay special attention to your release and you as an artist, and this will translate into a higher chance of being featured in their recommendations or being included in both algorithm and curator playlists


In Spotify pre-save campaigns, what do listeners get in return?

Your goal when running a pre-save campaign is for as many active Spotify users as possible to join. This includes those who are already your fans, but also those who could be.

Most of your followers will organically participate in your pre-save campaign. Some will do it because they want to support you, others because they don’t want to miss out on your music, and others because they don’t want to be left out of the conversation.

The reasons may be multiple but the result is the same, their involvement will be high. Therefore, those who interest you most are those who doubt whether to get involved or not, and millions of potential fans. How to convince them? Through incentives. What incentives? The ones you choose: merchandising, tickets, discounts, backstage access, unreleased material, etc.


How to carry out Spotify pre-save campaigns?


1. Planning

If you are part of the music industry, you will know that sometimes the promotion deadlines are extended over time. Good planning will save you more than one headache. First and foremost, set a release date. Once you have it, calculate the time needed to send the music to Spotify and make it available for the pre-save campaign. Our recommendation is always that you calculate with a margin of error.


2. Spotify presence

In order to carry out a pre-save campaign it is essential that you have an artist profile. If you still don’t have it, you can visit this other article on our blog where we explain how to get Spotify for Artists. And of course, you must have the services of a distributor that is in charge of getting your music onto Spotify.


3. Link

To get the pre-save campaign link you must access Spotify for Artists and, inside, Upcoming. Once you find the song, click on the 3 dots and select View in Spotify. It will redirect you to the song’s page on Spotify. Click again on the 3 dots, choose the share option and copy the link. You already have the link through which your followers can access the song and participate in your pre-save campaign.

Tip: You can use tools like SmartURL, Feature FM or


4. Promotion

Spotify pre-save campaigns are a promotional tool that need to be promoted.

You already have the link, now you need a message to go with it. A text that has a hook and captures the attention of your audience and encourages them to participate in your pre-save campaign. When you have it, spread it on all your social networks and wherever you have a digital presence: website, email list, newsletter, etc. And don’t forget to include incentives!