Republic Network concludes its best year ever, 2023 marked by strategic growth

2023 has been a remarkable year for Republic Network, characterized by significant initiatives for the development of our business, strategic alliances within the industry and substantial growth in the different branches of our sector.

A creative revival

At Republic Network we embarked on an exciting journey of renewal as we welcomed 2023 with a total redesign of our brand. These changes not only modernized and strengthened our image in line with the latest trends, but also conveyed our unwavering commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.

This creative resurgence was not limited to an aesthetic transformation, but also included the launch of the new Republic Network website, conceived as a key component of this renewal. The platform now offers users a more intuitive, efficient and up-to-date experience.

Global expansion: a team that keeps growing

Our team has continued to expand internationally in 2023, establishing a new office for Republic Network in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. The opening of this location in Vietnam marks the beginning of a phase aimed at consolidating our connections and partnerships in this culturally vibrant region.

The strategic growth of our company is manifested not only in our geographic expansion, but also in our human team, which has experienced an increase of 51%, adding 53 people who contribute their skills and dedication to Republic Network’s vision.

Innovation at the forefront

One of our goals for 2023 was to further empower our clients’ projects by centralizing all essential services in the music industry such as publishing, distribution, YouTube management, sync license management, among others.

Now, we are adding even more to the Republic Network experience with our new music marketing service, an initiative focused on maximizing the visibility and digital impact of artists in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Additionally, the team implemented our in-house technology to create an interactive dashboard for our clients, optimize the matching process on YouTube and manage ISRCs even more effectively.

From our spaceship to the most important events of the year

We closed 2023 by celebrating Republic Network’s presence at some of this year’s most outstanding events. Our participation in BIME, both in Bogota and Bilbao, was the platform we were looking for to connect with professionals and explore new trends and challenges within the industry.

Republic was present at Latin Grammy week in Seville, an event that not only gave us the opportunity to engage in conversations with industry leaders and influential artists, but also allowed us to immerse ourselves in the heritage of Latin music.

This year we also inaugurated our MadCamp’23, which offered a space for learning and collaboration between artists, composers and producers. This camp, held in Madrid by our Iberia region team, was more than just a meeting between professionals as it became a testament to our continued commitment to supporting and encouraging emerging talent in the Spanish music scene.

A year of achievements on YouTube

2023 has witnessed extraordinary growth for Republic Network on the Google platform. During this period, we have successfully linked 270 new channels to our network, including names such as CantaJuego, Mikecrack (YouTube Publishing), Lapiz Conciente, Vakero, Sound Blaster Records and Adriático Records.

One of the most notable achievements this year was the consolidation of a strategic agreement with VEVO, giving us the ability to provide new opportunities and facilities to our clients in the YouTube ecosystem.

Managing more than 230,000 assets, we experienced a remarkable increase of 71.20% compared to 2022. From an economic perspective, Republic Network reactivated the monetization of more than 15,000 videos and reclaimed more than 17,300 compositions on the platform, generating a total revenue of 13 million dollars collected on YouTube this year.

The exponential growth in views highlights the importance of Republic Network in this video service. With a 92% increase, we surpassed 23.4 billion views and accumulated more than 912 million hours of viewing.

A relevant fact is that 54.4% of our views come from the YouTube Shorts feed. This phenomenon underscores the significant impact of short videos, generating a total of 12.7 billion views and demonstrating the need to adapt to the latest trends and take advantage of the tools offered by YouTube.

New partnerships, promising future

On the publishing side, we have strengthened our position and relevance in the industry by expanding the breadth of our society-registered catalog. We are currently members of collecting societies such as ASCAP, BMI, MLC/HFA, SOCAN, SAYCO, SACM, SGAE, UNISON, UBC, PRS, BUMA/STEMRA, KODA, CAPASSO or LATINAUTOR, among others.

In summary, Republic Network celebrates its third year becoming a driving force in the music industry. We look forward to 2024 to continue this success in order to keep providing comprehensive, enhanced and committed services to our customers.