What are YouTube Shorts? All you need to know

TikTok has shown that short videos are a growing trend that is being imitated by other social networks such as Instagram or YouTube but, what are YouTube Shorts?


When TikTok appeared on the Social Media scene, the other social networks were threatened by its dynamic way of showing content to users. For this reason, the world’s largest video platform decided to go a step further and show the world their new function: YouTube Shorts.


What are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts is the integrated function within the platform that consists of short videos recorded from a smartphone.


Thus, these videos are always in vertical format and have a maximum limit of 60 seconds per video. As explained by the programmers of this YouTube tool, the functionality is focused on creating, being discovered and watching.


Before we continue, as you may have noticed, short videos are the thing right now on Social Media. If you want to discover other musical influences, read our blog about 8 trends in the music industry.


How do YouTube Shorts work?

To sum up, the way YouTube Shorts works is as follows:


  • Vertical videos


  • Maximum length of 60 seconds


  • Integrated video editing tools


  • You can only record YouTube Shorts from a mobile phone


Don’t mix it up with Instagram stories! Although many people believe that YouTube Shorts disappear after 24 hours of publication, they actually remain on the content creator’s profile.


You can only record vertical videos for YouTube Shorts


On the other hand, you should know that YouTube Shorts do not affect the performance of your traditional YouTube videos. In other words, it is an additional way to create and reach new audiences.


Where to watch YouTube Shorts?

To watch YouTube Shorts, you don’t need to leave the platform’s official app. In order to do so:


  1. Log in to YouTube


  1. Tap on the YouTube Shorts tab next to the home tab.


  1. Since it works just like TikTok and Instagram’s Reels, you’ll only need to swipe up to continue watching videos


  1. If you want to watch videos from a single creator, tap on their name or profile picture.



How to make YouTube Shorts?

To upload YouTube Shorts, you must follow the steps below:


  1. Log in to the YouTube app from your phone.


  1. Allow access to your camera and microphone


  1. Tap on the button to create new content


  1. Click on the option “Create a Short”.


  1. Now, as in TikTok, you must click on the red button to start recording.


This is where the magic of the content creator comes in. In this window you will have the option to add a countdown and also to increase or decrease the recording speed of your video.


Once you have everything ready, tap on the confirm button at the bottom right. 


Imagen de YouTube Shorts y cómo se crean paso a paso


But you’re not done! Now, with your video recorded, you have different options to edit your Short as you prefer.


You can edit your videos with the YouTube Shorts feature’s own tools


Editing your video, you will be able to:


  • Modify the length of the video
  • Make cuts
  • Use pre-recorded videos
  • Apply filters
  • Add sounds or music
  • Add text and emojis


Once you have your video as you would like it, tap on “next”.


Now it’s time to add a title and the privacy you want the video to have. Once you have everything selected, choose whether you want to upload it on the fly or schedule it and then tap on “Upload”.


What music can I use for YouTube Shorts?

Talking about this, it is important to know what kind of music is available for use in YouTube Shorts.


YouTube allows you to access and use all of its music content, including that of record labels as long as it is for personal and non-commercial use.


YouTube allows you to use all of its music content in YouTube Shorts


In addition, when listening to a song on a Short, user will be able to:


  • Access the full song
  • See the music video
  • Get more information about the artist


Even so, you must keep in mind that the maximum duration to use these audios is 15 seconds.


On the other hand, if you want to use assets of copyrighted material that are external to YouTube, you will need explicit permission.


Ejemplo de YouTube Shorts y cómo se ve en YouTube. Cómo usar música en YouTube Shorts paso a paso.


If you are thinking of dedicating your channel entirely to music, it will be useful to research how music works on YouTube first.


How to monetize YouTube Shorts?

At the moment, it is not possible to earn revenue through the ads displayed in the YouTube Shorts player. Also, the platform is working on a solution for long-term monetization methods to be developed.


Still, in order to reward YouTube Shorts creators for their creations, the platform has created the YouTube Shorts Fund. This is a $100 million fund that any user can be a part of.


YouTube has the YouTube Shorts Fund to reward creators


The only requirement to access this fund is to create Shorts that appeal to the YouTube community


What are the advantages of YouTube Shorts?

People not only ask “what are YouTube Shorts?”, but also what are their advantages


The Shorts feature can offer you many advantages to boost your content, as they give you the opportunity to access new audiences.


1. Recycle ideas

If you had ideas that were discarded because they didn’t fit a traditional YouTube video, now you can reinvent and adapt them for the Shorts.


This way, you can take advantage of content that you had previously thought of and give it a second life in short video format.


2. Experience

Thanks to the ease with which you can create content on Shorts, you can try creating different types of videos. This way you can see which one you feel most comfortable with and which one best suits your audience.


Some types of content for Shorts are:


  • Lip Syncs
  • Choreographies
  • Challenges
  • Instructive videos
  • Answering questions from followers
  • Videos of your work process
  • Tell curiosities about you or your content
  • Making backstage videos of your full-length content


You can try making a different type of content on YouTube Shorts


3. Analyze the results

Twice a month YouTube publishes Shorts Report for users of the platform.


This is a report that you could consider a source of inspiration. In addition to analytics, this document contains news and tips that will get you to the top.


YouTube Shorts are the hottest trend among social networks. Find out how to get the most out of these short videos.


4. Connect faster with your fans

YouTube Shorts invite your followers to interact in a faster and more dynamic way. Therefore, you can try to include a more relaxed tone in this type of content.


Also, if you are interested in discovering the UGC content they have made from your music you can take a look at Sound Page.


Sound Page is a section where you can find all the Shorts that have used your songs. This way, you can share the content on your community page, thank your followers and connect with them.


If you want to know more about what UGC Content is, the advantages it has or how to claim it, you have what you need in our blog!


As a last tip, remember: make sure to add the #Shorts tag in the titles of all your short videos, as you’ll have a much better chance of being recommended by the system.


Examples of YouTube Shorts ideas

Here we recommend, for example, how to include YouTube Shorts in your own release strategy:


1. Before the launch:

Use the Shorts creatively and don’t approach it only as a space to promote your music.


That is, you can mention hints about your new release, ask questions to the community to find out what they expect from your new music or tell curiosities about the songs, so that your fans are aware as soon as it comes out to the public.


2. During the release:

Announce your upcoming release. You can do this through a live performance of an unreleased track or show the creation process and, at the end, mention the date of your new music release.


3. Post-release:

Engage with your fans. Encourage them to create their own Shorts using your new songs. As we explained, you can make use of Sound Page and find out which videos stand out the most among your fans.


You can also take advantage of the Shorts Report sent by YouTube to measure the performance of your content.


Finally, don’t abandon the Shorts feature until you have something to announce! Remember to keep posting Shorts about your music and keep connecting with your followers.


What do you think about this YouTube feature? Now you can try recording Shorts and reach a much wider audience!