YouTube Official Artist Channel: how to get it?

Have you ever wondered what’s the utility of having a YouTube Official Artist Channel?

If you use this platform as a tool to share your musical projects, you have to know all the advantages that an Official Artist Channel can offer you.

What is an Official Artist Channel on YouTube?

An Official Artist Channel (OAC) is a YouTube feature that allows music professionals to have all their content unified in a single verified channel.

With an Official Artist Channel you will have all your content unified in one channel

Keep in mind that once you sign with a label, they may have created a YouTube channel for you, but you already had a channel with some content. Also, there will be UGC videos related to your work, which may confuse your fans.

Therefore, YouTube created this tool that not only helps users recognize the main channel of their favorite artist, but also consolidates your content, your subscribers and views, making you have a unique and strong presence on the platform.

Besides this, you will be able to see complete analytics of your official channel so you can study which strategies can help you optimize the SEO of your content on YouTube.

To sum up, the keys to having an Artist Channel are that you will be able to:

  • Unify all your videos in a single channel.

  • Unify all your subscribers, views and display time.

  • Get deeper analytics and reporting on your channel’s performance.

How to get an Official Artist Channel on YouTube?

To apply for an Official Artist Channel on YouTube, you must first meet some minimum requirements. In other words: you can’t just create an Artist Channel, you have to request one.

  1. Own a YouTube channel that represents an artist or band.
  2. Have at least 1 music release on YouTube submitted by a distributor or record label.
  3. Have not violated any YouTube rules or policies.

To claim your Official Artist Channel, you must have at least one official music release

In addition, YouTube has several other requirements, but from this list you will only have to meet one of them:

  1. Being working with a YouTube Partner Manager

  1. Become a YouTube Partner Program member

  1. The channel is part of a record label that works as a partner manager.

  1. Have a music partner from the YouTube Service Directory for Music Partners distribute your music.

In this aspect, Republic Network is one of the companies that can help you get this type of channel, as we are YouTube Partners. By being our client, you would be fulfilling the requirement you need from this list.

Also, by managing your channel with a Multi-Channel Network such as Republic’s, you can discover the technical benefits of having YouTube CMS.

Advantages of having an Official Artist Channel on YouTube

Apart from those we have already mentioned, having an Official Artist Channel on YouTube has many advantages that are not visible to the naked eye:

1. Consolidated and organized presence

By having all your content on a single YouTube-verified channel, it will be easier for you to organize how you want your music to be presented.

This is because, with an Official Channel, YouTube allows you to modify both the channel’s featured video and the first row of videos that appear on the channel.

Once your channel is verified, two new sections will appear: “official albums and music videos”, which you can modify, remove or add whenever you want. You will have the Official Artist Channel symbol too!

2. Greater visibility in searches

Having an Official Artist Channel verified by YouTube will allow your content to rank better in the platform’s search engine.

Your fans will know for sure where to go when they want to listen to your music. Also, when they search for a video of yours, a card will appear to the right, inviting users to visit your channel.

With an Official Artist Channel, you will have more visibility on YouTube

3. Probability of higher monetization

By having all your subscribers and views collected on a single channel, you are likely to increase the revenue you get from your musical works on YouTube.

4. Full analysis of your channel development

As mentioned above, thanks to an Artist Channel the platform will give you access to YouTube Analytics and YouTube Studio for artists.

This tool allows you to see the data, analytics and results of your music and thus prepare and plan your next music releases with these metrics as a reference.

Official Artist Channel on YouTube

5. Connect directly with your fans

When you have an Official Artist Channel, YouTube offers facilities for you to reach your fans in a more direct way.

Thanks to the Community tab in the “Create” section atthe top right, you can write messages, share images or gifs and keep up to date with what your fans are saying.

In addition, you can make polls, organize releases and even sell tickets for your upcoming concerts through the platform.

Official Artist Channel

If you need support with how to apply for an Official Artist Channel, you can always take a look at this explanation made by YouTube Help:

What is a Topic channel on YouTube Music?

YouTube Topic Channel is a channel automatically generated by the platform

It is used to help your music reach new fans, as well as to have a compilation archive of your musical works.

A YouTube Topic Channel is a channel automatically generated by the platform

What you should know about a Topic Channel:

  • All the music that appears on the Topic Channel can be moved to your own YouTube main page.
  • When moving videos from your Topic Channel to your main channel, you will not lose any views.
  • The subscribers you get on your Topic Channel will be added to your Official Artist Channel.


You now have plenty of information to organize your music on this platform, but you can still dig deeper into how music works on YouTube so that you don’t miss anything.

You have already seen that it’s not so complicated! What are you waiting for to apply for your Official Artist Channel?