Spotify Karaoke. How does this new feature work?

Spotify already surprised us last year with the new feature it launched so that users could see the lyrics of their favorite songs. However, they wanted to go a step further: Now we can enjoy the Spotify Karaoke tool.

If you are still not very familiar and don’t know exactly what it is or how it works, stick around to learn more about Spotify Karaoke and how to use it.

What is Spotify Karaoke?

As we have mentioned before, Spotify had included in 2021 a feature that allowed users to read the lyrics while listening to their favorite songs.

However, when checking how people were using it, the app for listening to streaming music discovered what its platform needed: a Spotify Karaoke version.

Well now, both functionalities are totally different.

The “view lyrics” mode only shows them to you while you listen to a song. Karaoke Spotify removes the singer’s voice so you can sing over the instrumental, plus it gives you a final score on how your performance went!

The tool to see the “lyrics” is not the same as Spotify Karaoke

It is clear Spotify knows how to attract its target audience. Encouraging user participation is becoming a growing trend.

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How to use Spotify Karaoke?

1. Sign in to Spotify

To get started, you don’t need to activate anything outside of the platform. Therefore, the first step is that you enter Spotify and choose a song.

2. Play the song full screen

Once you have chosen the song with which you want to use Spotify Karaoke, click on the song to put it in full screen mode.

3. Click on the lyrics of the song

To get to the Karaoke option, we must click on the box that shows us the song’s lyrics while we are listening to it.

4. Click on the microphone

When you have the lyrics full screen, in the upper right corner you will see a microphone icon. That’s the Karaoke feature!

5. Sing!

Once you’ve clicked on the microphone, it’s time to start singing!

Remember that Spotify will remove the singer’s voice to leave you with the instrumental in the background. In addition, Spotify will monitor your voice to rate how well you have done at the end of the song.

Karaoke Spotify and how it works

Access to Spotify Karaoke

There are many questions that Spotify users are wondering about the new Karaoke mode.

However, here we answer some questions that we have confirmed.

1. Is this feature available globally?

This feature is only available to those who have the app updated and reside in an English-speaking country.

The Spotify Karaoke feature is currently only available to people residing in an English-speaking country

So, if you haven’t seen the Karaoke feature yet, don’t worry, it will soon be available worldwide.

What’s more, if you can’t wait, you can always use a VPN to try out this new feature.

Many people are creating their own Karaoke playlists, so you can take a look at everything you need to know about Spotify playlists to be prepared when it arrives in your country.

Spotify Karaoke mode will be available worldwide

2. Will I be able to use Spotify Karaoke if I don’t have a Premium account?

The answer is yes, this new tool will be available to all users. It does not matter if it is with a free account or a Premium account.

3. Will I be able to use Spotify Karaoke on my television?

It is expected. Although some Android and IOS users are still having trouble connecting Spotify to their smart TV.

Therefore, the application hopes to solve these problems when the Karaoke mode is available to everyone, so that they can connect it to their television without problems.

4. Do we have to expect new features from Spotify?

Yes, Spotify has a lot of new ideas lined up!

The streaming music company is planning to launch live streamings in order to compete against other platforms that already enjoy this functionality.

Spotify is planning to launch live streamings on its platform

Apart from these features that we have answered, Spotify offers many opportunities to artists who want to share their works in the app.

For example, you can learn how to create a pre-save campaign on Spotify so that all your fans remember when your new release is released.

Now stay tuned to Spotify and show the world the artist inside you!