How TikTok Talent Manager Portal works

Fully dedicated to its users, TikTok continues to facilitate ways for content creators to monetize with updates such as TikTok’s Talent Manager Portal.

What is TikTok Talent Manager Portal?

TikTok has presented a new space within its TikTok Creator Marketplace tool, which is intended to facilitate the monetization process for content creators of this social network.

To be more specific, TikTok Creator Marketplace is a service for official collaborations. It connects content creators and official brands that want to make advertising campaigns within the platform.

TikTok Marketplace Talent Manager Portal

To give you an idea of the importance of spaces like this, a survey conducted by TikTok shows that 71% of users feel more inclined to buy when their favorite creator mentions a product to them.

On the other hand, brands that have collaborated with creators through TikTok Creator Marketplace are 26% more favored and with an average of 22% more recommendations towards their product.

As a creator, some advantages of TikTok Creator Marketplace are:

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How does TikTok Talent Manager Portal work?

To better understand how it works, keep in mind that TikTok Talent Manager Portal is an implementation of TikTok Marketplace, in order to provide a new complement to this service.


Now, with the implementation of Talent Manager Portal, talent agency managers, always with the creators’ authorization, will be able to log into the session within TikTok Creator Marketplace.

From there, they will have access to the ongoing deals flow, the various partnerships on behalf of their creators, and full metrics and reports on the performance of the ad campaigns.

Talent Manager Portal facilitates managers' access to TikTok Creator Marketplace data

This new section is intended to meet the needs of content creators with large numbers of followers on the platform, but also to allow talent agencies to better study the results of their campaigns on TikTok.

For example, one of the most famous tiktokers, Bella Poarch, signed under A3 Artists Agency, will prefer that her managers have access to contracts and negotiations on campaigns, as well as to the results reports they can obtain.

TikTok marketplace

It should be noted that talent managers will not have access to their clients’ TikTok account, only to the space allocated for the TikTok Creator Marketplace.

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Now that you know all the key points of the new TikTok Talent Manager Portal update, you won’t miss any promotion inside Creator Marketplace.