6 Conversion Strategies for Music Industry

Conversion strategies are increasingly important in order to reach the target audience you want

If you don’t know how to adapt them to the music industry or you want to try new methods, in this post you have everything you need to know to optimize your strategies.

What is a customer acquisition strategy for?

Conversion marketing strategies have moved out to the Internet and therefore it is important to be up to date with them.

There are numerous benefits of adding new digital conversion strategies:

  • Reach new customers

  • Keep loyal customers

  • Better brand recognition on the Internet

  • Expand the horizons of your market

  • Increase your income

Thanks to conversion strategies you’ll not only attract new customers, but also improve your brand recognition and your income

Strategies for customers acquisition

  1. Look for new markets

Are you keeping in a geographical area where there aren’t any more potential customers? Find clients in new markets!

If you are currently working with only one country artists, you should consider expanding your business to other territories.

In addition, apart from changing the focus to another territory, you can also expand your target by adapting your services to different audiences.

Examples music industry targets:

  • Artists with a track record and a large fan base

  • Smaller emerging artists

Adapt your services to the different targets that interest you.

By doing this, you will be able to serve your customers in a more personalized way and, what’s more, you will expand your target audience.

Remember! Before planning this conversion marketing strategy, don’t forget to study the income of your potential artists. This way you will know if it is profitable to offer different levels of services.

  1. Social Media ad campaigns

Social Media is the key tool for customer conversion strategies. Even so, there are several tricks to get the most out of them.

Some tips to attract customers on social networks:

  • Brand recognition
    With an account on each of the Social Media, you will ensure that you are known everywhere!

  • Offer interesting content to your audience
    It will be easier for you to share content with your target audience.

  • Establish contact with your potential customers
    Thanks to Social Media, it will be easier for you to contact and maintain communication with your possible customers.

    Getting your music ad to your target audience on Social Media isn’t complicated, you just have to make sure you segment your audience the correct way.

conversion strategies for music youtube

Example. Musical ad on Instagram

  1. Create interesting content for your audience

Did you know about Inbound marketing? It is based on offering quality and interesting content to your target audience so that they consider being your clients.

By valuable content we mean posts that help the user and satisfies their needs, paying attention to their concerns.

By sharing quality and interesting content for your target audience, you will attract potential customers.

There are many formats you can adapt your content to, from text to images or videos.

At Republic Network, for example, we take full advantage of YouTube Shorts to share content with our customers.

Some content of interest that you can offer:

  • Blog within the company web

  • Guides and tips

  • Webinars or explanatory videos

  • Infographics

  • Studies that may be of interest to your target audience.

By making quality content like these, your potential clients will feel more positive about starting to work with you.

  1. Customers loyalty to get new clients

Customer loyalty is used to keep the customers you already have, but it also works for acquiring new customers.

If you’re a record label, for example, advising your customers to check the small print of a contract and giving other advice will help you improve your customers loyalty.

Thanks to customers loyalty you will:

  • Keep your current customers and improve your relationship

  • Get new clients by recommendations

  • Better brand recognition

  • Better reputation

  • More traffic to your website

example how convert fans in clients

  1. Co-marketing

Co-marketing is based on collaborating with other brands to carry out an advertising campaign together.

Benefits of doing a co-marketing campaign:

  • Greater visibility

  • Increased credibility and customers’ trust

  • Improve your brand image

  • Increased traffic to your website

  • You will make yourself known in new sectors

Collaborating with other brands you will reach a larger target

An example of co-marketing:

A record company and a music distributor decide to do a co-marketing strategy to attract new artists.

  1. Customer acquisition through influencers

If your business is taking off, promoting it on Social Media through influencers may be the conversion strategy you need.

Look for an influencer who:

  • Is related to your sector

  • Have followers who can be potential customers

  • Have a brand recognition at the same level or higher than yours

  • Improve your reputation

  • Improve your positioning in Social Media

For example:

If there is an influencer who is a vocal coach and gives advice to emerging professional singers, you may be interested in working with him to recommend your label or distributor.

To call it a day, we remind you that as you can see, there is no single strategy to attract new customers. Our greatests recommendation is studying the market and your target audience in order to select the strategies that will work best for you.