Music Industry Job Salaries: how much do they do?

When you think about the music industry job salaries, probably the first thing that comes to your mind is a singer or a musician that you love and what could be their income.

Despite this, there are a wide range of musical professions that make the recording of a song possible or that everyone in a concert is coordinated.

So, if you are thinking about starting a music career, maybe you are interested in knowing more about what different professions there are and the music industry job salaries.


Music Industry Earnings

Most people say that making a living for music artists is something complicated and they are not wrong because you will need to study a discipline and prepare yourself for the job. 

However, there are more than just singers or musicians since the creation of a song starts before. There are a lot of people working behind them to make music happen.

Inside the music industry job salaries you can find a wide range of variety but here we are going to tell you the average salary in the United States.


Singer salary

We are going to start with the most known job among the music professions: the singer. 

A singer is someone that uses their voice as an instrument doing musical sounds in the correct tone and pitch. You can be a solo singer or be in a music band with other musicians.

So, in consequence, the average salary of a singer in the United States is approximately $53,745 per year.

Also, if you are interested in starting your studies to be a singer, here you can see some College Vocal Programs to introduce yourself and learn more about this profession.


Musician salary

We all know what a musician does but here we are going to explain a little more what their responsibilities are.

A musician is someone who plays one or more instruments for a living. There are some musicians that work with music producers in order to help the artist record a track but they can also work alone, with a band or in an orchestra.

So, knowing this, the average income of a musician in the US is $47,620 per year.


Music producer salary

Music production is a key part of the development of a track. Thanks to this profession, music is created, modified and manipulated in order to distribute it later.

On this wise, a music producer has the duty to help the artist with the recording of a song or an album, giving their point of view and making sure that everything sounds correct.

Some people say that the music producer is a one man band. This is because, when it is necessary, a music producer can work as a songwriter, as a musician or as a public relations agent to connect the artist with some record labels. However, as we told you, the principal duty of a producer is to assist the artist when it comes to recording new music.

Consequently, the average income of a music producer in the US is $32,625 per year.

As an interesting fact, due to the new technologies we can produce our own music but it can be a little difficult to do it by yourself. If you need some help, here you have some tips for producing a track that will clarify the most important steps.


Songwriter salary

Probably we don’t need to tell you that a songwriter is the one who writes the different songs for an artist but there is a little more than that.

A songwriter is the one who composes the lyrics, music or both of a track. Sometimes people confuse songwriters with composers and think they are the same but the truth is that there are some differences between each other.

When it comes to creating a new track, you can have a lyricist and a composer or a songwriter that can do both. This is because while the composer is focused only on the melody, a songwriter works on the melody and the lyrics.

So, in order, the average salary of a songwriter in the United States is around $52,000 per year.

As a side note, nowadays it is easy to find a lot of singers that are songwriters too so if you are one of them, maybe you could try to promote your music with Google Ads.


Music manager salary

In order to succeed in the music industry as a singer or musician, you will need a music manager. 

A music manager dedicated their time to help the artist to reach their goals. They collaborate in the production and the promotion of the different tracks but, they also discuss with the artist the image they want to give to their fans. There are some types of music managers depending on how they assist the artist:

  • Personal Music Manager. They are professionals who work side by side with the artist and plan a variety of strategies in order to succeed in the music industry.
  • Business Music Manager. This type of manager is focused on the paperwork behind a music career. They oversee all the contracts and official documents of the artists that they have in their clients portfolio.
  • Road Music Manager. A Road Music Manager is responsible for planning the route of a tour, how the artist will get to the different venues and basically all the scheduling of the music tour.

As a result, a music manager salary is around $85,400 per year.

While you are waiting to meet your perfect music manager, here are some tips you can follow to plan your next music release.


Music careers for Non-Musicians

If you are thinking that you can’t work in the music industry unless you know about playing an instrument or writing a song, you are completely wrong.

There are some professions that fit very well in the music industry such as music journalist or music engineer, for example.


Marketing assistants in music industry

We can all agree that an artist needs talent to be recognized and achieve their goals, but they also need a marketing assistant. 

They will work closely with the artist in order to plan a marketing strategy with different tasks to do, such as planning the content that the artist will upload to their Social Media or prepare and send a press release for the artist.

The average salary for a music marketing assistant is aproximility $44,009 per year.


Music industry lawyer

If you are a lawyer and you love music you can have a job in the music industry too.

A music lawyer is someone who is a specialist in the legal issues of the music industry. They assist the artist in not to be cheated with the small print on music contracts they can see through their career.

Therefore, the average salary for a music lawyer is around $148,910 per year.

Remember that despite all this, these music industry job salaries are an average income. Obviously, being Justin Bieber’s music manager is not the same as being the music manager of a singer who is starting his career, but it’s a good starting point.

In conclusion, there are a lot of different jobs you can apply inside the music industry without the need of being an artist and it is a wonderful way to enjoy an exciting and creative profession.