Expanding the trap movement: Gloosito joins Republic Network

The urban genre keeps experiencing an unprecedented growth in the Spanish music scene and, in the middle of 2023, we could not understand the new wave of trap without Gloosito.

The Madrid-born artist has just closed a deal with Republic Network to manage his YouTube channel under the tech company’s multi-channel network, in a strategic move to provide protection and increase revenue for his entire existing YouTube catalog and several works that have not been released yet.

Gloosito has achieved the appreciation of the industry and specialized press for being one of the pioneer artists of Detroit trap in Spain. With a latent international projection and a unique essence, he has featured with artists such as Yung Beef or Israel B.

Artista español Gloosito

Carlos Ituiño, Regional Manager of Republic Network in the Iberia region and responsible for this agreement together with Garzi, the artist’s manager, says that “having Gloosito with Republic Network gives us great credibility as a company and significantly enriches our roster on YouTube“.

Thanks to this new deal with Gloosito, Republic continues to strengthen its position as a YouTube Network in Spain, where it already manages major channels such as the children’s group CantaJuego or artists like El Jincho or Xriz.